Just a little bit about my interviews.

They are an experience and are all well re-searchedwritten out and pre scripted to make the interview process run smoother, faster and more professional.  My interviews are approx. 15-45 minutes in length.  My objective is to capture an amazing interview that will tell a story for the fans.  There is always a story to be told and a little history to be learned in every one of my interviews.

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The MattyRocks Experience at Namm Show

What a warm interview, in such a friendly atmosphere, led by a professional and very empathetic and easy to speak to host !
Thank you so much MattyRocks for supporting independent artists, at the beginning of their careers. It’s rare when the host takes so much time to discover the artist, to attend their shows and document themselves on both the artist’s biography and their team. It was a pleasure sharing with you details about both my career in music and life and that’s what a great host does - make their guest feel comfortable.
Wishing you all the best and my kindest regards!
Thank you for The MattyRocks Experience at Namm Show.


MattyRocks had questions that i’ve never been asked before. I have had my fair share of interviews and this one has been one of my favorites to date. I highly recommend listening in to these interviews and supporting his and the artists craft!

 by Lain Roy
Music Artist

What a professional interview. Very prepared and super respectful. Great vibes and very genuine person! Only positive things to say about Matty and the interview. Honor to be interviewed by Matty.

 by CJ Udeen

Matty is an accomplished interviewer and gracious host. He is developed to an Elite level with his MattyRocks Experience and is very good at what he does. I recommend you check out the MattyRocks Experience and I’m Sure you will be thoroughly Entertained!

 by Katharine Richardson
Professional and Insightful

As a publicist with many years of experience, I am always thrilled when a member of the media really prepares for and conducts an insightful and interesting interview with our clients. Matty's interviews are first rate! We love working with him!

Truth or Dare

Matty was a most gracious host. It was obvious that he had done his homework about the history of my band, "Dare Force," as well as this new chapter in my musical career as a solo artist, and the release of my debut solo album, "Truth or Dare." Always refreshing to have an interviewer ask thoughtful questions, and who is also passionate about all things rock 'n' roll! Thank you, Matty, for inviting me on your show. It was truly my pleasure. Best regards, Johnny O'Neil

Wonderful Interview

I have to say we captured some pretty wonderful moments during this interview. I greatly appreciate Matty asking me questions about my own life story with my music and art. I felt so much more important than I feel I usually am haha, that made my heart warm, and put a big smile on my face.. so thank you for that!!! Thanks for the “experience” 😊

 by Sabrina Fallah

I have to say wow this was a great experience that I had with Matty. He definitely did his research and knew exactly what to ask me as an artist. I really enjoyed it and would definitely go back and do it again 🙂

Matty is the real deal. Actually wants to know and understand the meanings of the music he is listening to. I really enjoyed our discussion. Hope you can chat a little more in the future.

A Pro Interview

My interview with MattyRocks was even more well-thought out and well-executed than I had anticipated - and I KNEW it was going to be very well done!
The interview experience exceeded my expectations, absolutely. Matty not only carefully crafted his questions from the basic knowledge that he had of me and my career, but also took the time to dive deeper and ask about my life and career leading up to my experience in the music industry. He was helpful and understanding of the technical side of things when it was time for the actual interview and I appreciated that. Matty creates a well rounded interview that any listener is sure to enjoy listening to.

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