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How an interview should be done

A message from MattyRocks himself:  When it comes to interviews, the line isn’t drawn just at the musician, artist or band…..it goes well beyond that.  Whether its a Sports athlete, CEO of a Company or Pulitzer Prize Winner, I can interview anyone I am given the opportunity to sit one on one with.  The interview will be professional, factual, honest and extremely informative and will definitely be an experience.  As I always say, my objective is to capture an amazing interview that will tell a story for the fans.  There is always a story to be told and a little history to be learned in every one of my interviews.  Also know that my interviews are not just limited to a music venue or a tour bus, If you want I can come to your artists home to really make this a memorable experience like I did for Actor Corey Feldman and Jazz Saxophonist Mindi Abair.

Bringing you the best 1 on 1 interviews from the musicians/artists themselves

In depth, accurate & professional.